Connection Intensive


  You are in the middle of "something" and in transition.  Maybe leaving home, moving, becoming an empty-nester, going through a job change, marital status change - something is impacting your focus and making you rethink your direction.  

What is your next step? You need support in figuring out what’s the next chapter in your life and how to get there. You have either experienced one of our Connection Weekends or have a more intense desire to explore your story.

What to Expect

 Join us for a more intense dive into the deep end of the pool of who you really are and what you want.  Get a glimpse of something bigger, more meaningful and maybe even more fun. 

You get a more escorted and intimate emotional journey through the process of living with intention and being the best you.  Join us for this unique, customized experience of self-discovery with tangible and practical tools to help you move forward.

Coming Soon

 Planned for November 2018, we are in the process of securing dates and a venue.

Connect with us to secure your invitation to this intense and intimate opportunity to explore your story.

Request an Invitation using the form on our Home Page or email us at